Friday, October 8, 2010

Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom still taunts me as I'm stuck working on the exterior until it gets cold. I did manage to check out some floor tiles to see if the color works.

It looks really too gray/beige on the sample. My first choices average $40+ a sq ft but if I had that much money to spend on flooring I would be blogging about redoing a house down the block which was twice the size of this house.

But I do have the remains of an original tile from my parents for comparison and it is almost exactly the same color. I don't know, maybe it is the bright white grout which makes it so dark? Whatever the reasoning, I think this tile with a black hex flower pattern and dark grout is going to look amazing compared to the circa 1981 carpet.


  1. My hubs and I own a little craftsman bungalow circa 1928. We have also been blessed with beautiful 80s beige carpet in our bathroom. It's really QUITE impressive (and ugly). I've been doing a lot of tile shopping myself, a DIY redo is in the works.

  2. This was the first project I wanted to tackle but a year later there it still sits. I think the daunting task of removing a 250 pd tub and then showering in the cold basement for a while is holding me back.
    The fresh new tile is now sitting (though still in boxes) in the bathroom so I sense we are getting closer!