Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I guess I haven't posted updated painting photos but that is what we er, Mark has been finishing up with. Painting the windows and finishing up edges here and there. We might just get this done yet before it gets cold thanks to the freakishly warm fall we have been having. I have been cleaning storm windows and cleaning up around the yard.

I think festive Halloween pics are more fun than dirty storm windows.

Ignore Frankie's bike and misc. porch junk in the background. Drat! I guess I ended up photographing some dirty storm windows anyways.

This is why I enjoy the fireplace. I haven't even attempted to use the fireplace for its actual purpose. I figure if the toilets were barely working why would I even think to try something attached to a gas line?

Frankenstein trolls!

Soo, are they implying this guy is dressed as a ghost??

Of course I have a Halloween Hello Kitty! The pink troll's shirt costume is more successful than the green one's.

Coffee table decor.

and it's our little Halloween kitty.

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