Friday, August 30, 2013

Dreamy Knotty Pine Estate Part III: The Bathrooms

To shorten my previous post I decided to devote another posting to the bathrooms.
If you looked closely at the last post, you may have seen a peek of one of the bathrooms I would kill for (I'm considering it anyways to the woman who came in and said "oh, there is enough room for a skylight in here" along with "ugh, are these tiles 70's??") down the hall in the master bedroom.

A nearly mint condition octagonal, tiled floor to ceiling art deco bathroom!
 I can just imagine fixing some stray hairs and making sure one's silk stockings are straight before taking off for brunch at the Country Club 80 years ago.
No tanks for the toilets in this house. The recessed holder makes up for the awkward reach to the TP.
Yes, this tub is very short.
 There was a light in the tub area which was out and it appears someone else besides me was taking a peek at the tub when I took this picture. Luckily it's in good shape because I don't think one could find a replacement though someone will probably come in, rip it out, put in 12" brown tiles and some glass shower doors. To go with that skylight. Are skylights still a thing? I thought that was an 80's/90's thing?
Apart from the nifty recessed light above the sink, this was the only other (working) light in the bath. I suppose it will be sacrificed for that skylight?
The main bath isn't quite as roomy but I like the colors better.
I'm liking this deep windowsill and those little decorative tiles.
The sconces flanking the mirror match the tiles. Plus, check out that 60's wallpaper which they somehow managed to match the flowers perfectly with the tile color!
Whew, I think I shared a small portion of this nifty home. I'm sure it will sadly be updated and modernized BUT if someone does happen to buy it and restore it/leave it's funkiness please invite me over for brunch. Umm, unless you are one of those people who I heard bragging about golf. I am bad at golf.
I also am not capable of using the heard phrase "toodaloo" as a serious farewell statement. Is this a current rich country club thing that I am out of the loop on because I live on the poor side of the neighborhood??


  1. Lovely home but I agree that the first bathroom could definitely be replaced with some different decorative tiles.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. This house will definitely get upgraded as soon as someone buys it. They'll probably go in and paint all that knotty pine with white paint too. So tragic.

  3. The tiles in the first bath didn't transfer well to photos. It's much better in person! Though I would have done that one in the aqua too if it was my choice.

    It is sad as the knotty pine is so unique. It will be generic colonial when painted. :o(

    Does someone want to volunteer for dumpster duty when the house sells? I bet there will sadly be some fun stuff in there like maybe those kitchen cupboards. hmm...

  4. I am all over dumpster duty, but hope the house will just be rehabbed and bought by someone who will love the funky, classic design. I am such a sucker for Art Deco design! Love that pink bathroom!!