Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unproductive and Productive Busyness

Whew, I think I've had about 5 minutes to think about my poor neglected blog these past few weeks! We had a garage sale, which always takes way more time than it should and then we left for Minnesota the next day to visit friends and family.

The garage sale was a success as I got rid of an old porch swing from my garage and a bunch of boxes of stuff. I'm not saying I made a lot of money but it's satisfying to know the corner of my garage is lighter and my once enjoyed items are now being enjoyed by someone else.

I also didn't snitch too much from my mom's contributions. I did take this interesting milk glass pyrex-esque bowl with a hard to see raised pattern. There are no markings and I did do some quick online searches but I didn't find anything about makers, pattern etc.

I enjoyed Minnesota but our thrifting was disappointing. Of course, my mom and I are forced to squeeze in the thrifting between events with others on the trip so we didn't go at the most opportune times. I also have restrained myself from buying any brown or green 70's Pyrex which means I don't find anything for that collection! I guess I could have actually spent money for some at antique shops but what is the fun in that?? Though most of the 70's stuff had big prices anyways. Value Village had an Early American mixing bowl set for $15 a piece?

I did get probably $75 worth of toys for $10 for little one's birthday (I can't believe she's already 1!) so that gives me extra money to spend on something fun. Well, fun for me!

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