Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lighting Win

OK, I think I officially have 27 blog posts stuck in my brain from the past month but transferring them from my brain to the computer seems to be the tricky part. I'll start with my successful lighting story from last weekend and see what else I can do! There is a light outside on the porch but this has been the scene inside the porch since we moved in. I never think about the lack of a light until I am trying to match a pair of shoes for work at 5:45 am.

I also took an uninteresting light fixture from my parent's garage sale pile, probably 2 years ago, for this spot. It was a 10 min. project after all so when does one have time for those!?
(pile of uninteresting light parts)
Plus, when is a 10 minute project actually 10 minutes? I figured we would get up there and find the wires were dead requiring us to somehow fish a new set of wires through the ceiling. Also, this is not centered due to the bathroom addition so if we were going to put that effort in we might as well move the location. Miraculously the wires worked and it did take about 10 minutes. Well, a little longer because the fixture was freshened up with a little spray painting. And I think my dad had to run to the hardware store to get something probably just because what project is complete without an inconvenient trip to the hardware store?
No, I didn't check to see if my $5 shade from the last posting fit. I figured this was still too much in the outside elements and it would fade or (the more likely scenario) a guy would come through swinging a ladder and knock the shade across the porch.

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  1. Vast improvement! So happy something worked out for you! Lol